Do you find managing social media for your business overwhelming? Do you start out the week with the best of intentions but find that you quickly run out of time and ideas to post? Well, you’re not alone. Social media management is one of the biggest frustrations today’s business owners face. You know you need to be where the customers are and keep them engaged, but how, and more importantly, when? If you’ve been struggling with this common problem, Linda’s the woman to talk to.

Linda’s Been There & She Wants To Help You!

Linda has served in just about every role at Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County Chimney Repair & Maintenance, and knows how important time management is when you’re wearing multiple hats in a small business. She manages active profiles for Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, so whether you have questions about how these platforms work or need help identifying what type of content to share on each, Linda’s here to talk you through it. She has figured out which tools make social media management easier and less time-consuming, and what types of content spark the most engagement, and she wants to share that information with you!

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