We have such wonderful customers, and it feels so good when they express their appreciation for the hard work we do for them. We thought you might like to read just a few of the amazing things they have told us over the years.

Chuck is one of the most detail-oriented business owners in the industry. His understanding of the numbers is matched only by his ability to explain the numbers and how they affect your business. The tips on the financial side of the business he gave helped us immediately see where we could improve and how to do it. Chuck also helped us to see how we could organize every aspect of our business for maximum output and profit while still maintaining the quality our customers expect. He was generous enough to share the organizational strategies that worked in his business so that we could use what worked for us in ours. After our evaluation he left us with a detailed action plan that broke down for us what we needed to do. We felt empowered and ready to implement the plans we had spoken about together. Thanks Chuck!

Rudi and Georgette Oosting

Oosting Custom Masonry & Chimney Service

For several years we have been on a steady growth path, however with the onset of the pandemic it was clear that things had picked up very quickly for our industry. We were at a point where we knew we needed some guidance and help understanding how to grow with the needs of our customers and not fall behind due to a lack of organization and systems.

Chuck spent an entire day at our location observing, questioning, listening, and evaluating our day-to-day processes. We received his detailed plan of action shortly after his visit with us – it was exciting and energized us to get to work. His plan involved simple steps that we could implement to improve our way of business. His goal wasn’t to strip us down and force a huge change but to simply improve some of our day-to-day systems to make huge impact overall.

We have been able to develop a deep seeded relationship with Chuck over the past few months. It’s such a pleasure knowing that we have such a knowledgeable and understanding guy at our fingertips. Adding Chuck to our dynamic team has allowed us to enter into another dimension of business, we have gained a new level of confidence with a clear vision into the future of WHY we do what we love to do for our employees and customers.

The team at Mid-Valley Chimney Repair & Sweeps

I traveled to New Hampshire from California in the middle of the pandemic because I knew my business was at an important crossroads. Attending the CSIA Business Growth seminar was a watershed moment, especially because of the diligent follow-up of Chuck Roydhouse. I prepared a rather long self-assessment based upon his presentations and he was kind enough to read it and schedule a first phone call—for free. Over an hour and a half, I scribbled notes as Chuck unloaded decades of experience and we discussed my vision for the company. I could go on, but suffice it to say that my contact with Chuck has impacted my business in countless ways. Invest your hard-earned money in The Roydhouse Effect. It will change your life.

Mike C.

Hello, my name is Mark Moseley the owner of Moseley Masonry and Chimney Sweep. Chuck Roydhouse has really helped to look at the bigger picture. He has taught me strategies to be more efficient and profitable in my business. I want to say thank you Chuck for all your help.

Mark Moseley

After seeing how the Roydhouse Effect can help your business, you’ll be saying wonderful things about us, too!