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Watch Your Profit Grow & Your Stress Decrease With The Roydhouse Effect

Starting your own blue collar business is hard – keeping it profitable and efficient is harder! Some days, it can seem like your dream of having your own business has turned into a nightmare, and that every waking minute is spent resolving another issue you didn’t plan for or tackling another obstacle you didn’t see coming. It seems you’re always short on two things: money and time. Why isn’t there a manual to make things easier?

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The Blue Collar Gold Podcast

Get The Help You Need To Grow Your Blue Collar Business Into A Profitable, Well-Run Machine

In business, like anything, sometimes it helps to talk to someone who’s been where you are and faced those very same obstacles. An outside eye with experience can detect vulnerabilities and flaws within your business, as well as ways you can improve, opportunities you’re overlooking, and strengths you can profit from.

Mentors and business consultants are prevalent in the white collar world, but unfortunately, in the blue collar world, true experience and mentorship is hard to find. Without a business consultant or coach, running your own blue collar business can feel very lonely, especially when you’re doing everything yourself. Your health suffers, you miss sleep, you miss things at home, and you start to miss things at work as well.

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If you’ve been feeling more like a slave to your business than a CEO and you wish there was someone you could talk to about the problems affecting your business and the challenges you’re facing, you’ve come to the right place.

The Proven Power of the Roydhouse Effect

The Roydhouse Effect is the offspring of Chuck Roydhouse, Anne Arundel County native, who successfully ran a home service company known as Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County Chimney Repair & Maintenance. Chuck has worked through the same issues you’re working through, and is here to help you with two topics of concern that many service businesses face today: the need for a true CEO and the implementation and management of profitable job costing.

  • Business Consulting & Coaching – True to the book The E-Myth, there are many great business owners/technicians who love working their craft in the field, but do not like, or are not yet comfortable, performing the necessary duties of CEO. Because Chuck has been there and knows what it takes to successfully transition from technician to CEO, he can help make the transition easier, faster, and more efficient for you. He’ll help you organize your business to be a well-run, profitable machine, using budgets, SOPs, lean principles, and company culture development, so you can run your business with confidence.

Running a blue collar business is hard as it is – don’t do it alone! Call and tap into the knowledge and experience of Chuck and experience The Roydhouse Effect in your business! Choose from different package plans and customize a plan that meets your particular needs!


The Roydhouse Effect can provide you with the business consulting and coaching plan you need to help you avoid expensive mistakes and make your business into the success you dream of.